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The Henley & Partners’ Global Mobility Report is a unique publication that brings together commentary from leading scholars and professional experts on the major trends shaping global and regional mobility patterns today.
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Global Mobility Today
The human desire to move predates the global pandemic. Historically drivers were political instability, economic crises, and climate change, but health is the latest push factor. In future, however, nationality alone will not guarantee safe passage.
Global Mobility Trends
Options for investor migrants are likely to proliferate in 2021 in response to the growing demand, particularly in emerging markets. The rise of telecommuting will see more individuals adopting digital nomad lifestyles in safe, remote locations.
Regional Mobility Trends
Uncertainty prevails as the world grapples with the relentless pandemic amid political turmoil, geopolitical tension, and unprecedented economic fallout. It is clear that regional cooperation is key to recovery and growth.
Travel Mobility Trends
The balance of power has shifted. The Asia Pacific region dominates the top rankings in the Henley Passport Index, toppling the EU, the UK, and the US. Even the strongest passports could not withstand 2020’s travel restrictions but vaccines provide a glimmer of hope for travel freedom.
Global Contributors
Henley & Partners collaborates with luminaries in the global mobility space to develop our ideas and remain at the forefront of engagement with our clients and intermediaries. Our esteemed contributors represent every region and are experts in their fields.
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